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Los Nota Lokos Romantic Mix

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un temazo de los No Ta Lo Kos ♪ Atte:Laky :D!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

R.A.P = Rhythm and PaRappa :

This is a PaRappa the Rapper 2 rework I did in the summer of 2009. Here’s the original description I had for it on my “A Emcee Muzik” page when it was around…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. TheMaty1964 says:

    buen video xddddddxdxd

  2. thuriya moore says:

    wow amazing very this is mind blowing and very SMEXY

  3. damn this shit is smooth :)

  4. admarshall617 says:

    damn son you are the truth. This is amazing

  5. This is fookin awesome! Why not remix the third stage? The one with the ant.

  6. Darnell Johnson says:

    Summer time in the evening! I like it!

  7. Gina Szanboti says:

    Dude, this shit is absolutely fuckin’ dope. When I hear this song, I just
    immediately want to get romantic. Yes, indeed, that’s for sure. 😐

  8. Sasso Studios says:

    I love it Allister! Can’t stop listening!

  9. InuYasha6651 says:

    Very smooth! Very very romantic!

  10. smooth beatz i love em all

  11. Clayvion White says:

    Nice one dude. I think that stage has the best music in the game next to
    the stage where you get small then big with that guru ant.

  12. Ethan Henry says:

    This is tight. I wonder if he remixed any other stages in this game. I like
    the ant one.

  13. Michael Williams says:

    i love smooth beat

  14. 69trollman69 says:

    @rastashredder93 FL Studio he used

  15. Kamal Williams says:

    @AEmceeMuzikForever Can you put download links to ya songs, even if its on
    itunes I would totally pay just to hear these tracks a mixtape, something?
    x_X lol

  16. Gaarachick01 says:

    fucking epic yo


    I love this so much………. You have no idea what I mean by this

  18. Heaven <3

  19. Anthony Cancellieri says:

    Shout out to playstation all stars for having PaRappa!

  20. Nearly 3 years and nearly 20,000 views. Nice. But this really needs more

  21. Pinstrype Kuzzo says:

    Nice! I’ve never played the game, but im certainly diggin this piece! I bet
    you did the original justice!

  22. alejandrog298 says:

    I never played the game but this remix makes me go and buy It

  23. PlainIguana says:

    You gotta do some more Parappa, man.

  24. AEmcwwMuzikForever You did an awesome Job with this music Your amazing I
    hope you make an cd

  25. Joshua C. Ellison says:

    i wish i can find and buy his music. its incredible. he still hasnt failed
    me yet

  26. STOPNSWOPguy says:

    Nice relaxing vibes