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Les Mills COMBAT Sneak Peek of Power Kata

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Catch a sneak peek of the Les Mills COMBAT workout: Power Kata! http://bit.ly/LesMiLLsCombat This 45-minute calorie scorcher combines killer combinations fro…
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  1. TheDoctorwhofan25 says:

    Doing this workout tomorrow!

  2. selwynmarques says:

    Cool. Thanks for the reply. Will do Kata with ankle weights tomorrow. Expecting to be super sore (in a good way) after!

  3. BeachbodyVideo says:

    You can use ankle weights if you wish to maximize your results and make it a little tougher if that is what you are looking to do that is totally fine.

  4. selwynmarques says:

    would anyone recommend doing this with ankle weights?

  5. MrCanadianWitch says:

    Body Combat has been around for YEARS! Have you heard of Les Mills? Body Pump, Body Combat etc. They have been around longer than Tapout.

  6. Matt Harris says:

    It looks fun but I don’t know. There’s something off about it.

  7. YourPeakPhysique says:

    Actually, Combat, better known as BodyCombat by Les Mills (like pump is actually BodyPump) has been around for 14 years. It’s a class normally given in Les Mills licenced gyms.

  8. Cathy Price says:

    This is gonna rock!

  9. Frances Peters says:

    Can’t wait!!!! I’m pumped!

  10. Caterina Passarelli says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  11. kenyatta banks says:

    Can’t wait to get this & start with our combat challenge group jan 2

  12. zenmasterfu says:

    The aussie and new zeelander accents make me want to get fit wrestling crocs!

  13. onezerooneone1 says:

    sweet. this looks like something I’ll do after Insanity.

  14. I hope its like tapout….tapout is the most fun at- home workout ive done

  15. Meredith Schneider says:

    So can’t wait to get mine!! Super excited! Look out!!

  16. Luciel Munster says:

    I love Tapout XT, but this one kind of looks more intense. I might be wrong. Either way, I’m totally looking forward to it! Then, on to Tapout XT2!!

  17. ShellySummers says:

    Thinking this will probably be better the tapout xt : )

  18. David García says:

    Beachbody’s Tapout XT, nice!

  19. currupteddata says:

    Yay! 1st! But i can’t wait to get this!!