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Hard Hip-Hop Rap Instrumental/Beat 2013

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Hard Hip-Hop Rap Instrumental/Beat 2013

Feel free to use this instrumental for non-profitable use. If you wish to purchase a license for professional use, please e-mail me at: shintekbeats@gmail.co…
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  1. Listen up cuz this ain’t a ratchet flow, cloud 9 shit nd u don’t even know, ratchet girls dance on the floe, booty so big that i overdosed.

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  3. Brendon Da silva says:

    Catch me ridin in the all black infinity/ and my niggas ride or die cuz i took they verginity lol @kingbach

  4. Kanisha Griffin says:

    Yeeeep this nice

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  6. devon budzinack says:

    whatever when i go hard youll be scarred cuz my beat will cut right threw the meat now take a seat /down/ imma fuckin clown pennywise in my case cuz my raps are killer like in thriller /chiller/ crazy ass mofos try to rap battle youll lose nomatter what you choose you dont wake up you just hit snooze now go cry /boohoos/

  7. datelle straub says:

    can i use this beat

  8. Bangin

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  10. Where can i download this

  11. nice man!!

  12. I will pull a trigga my nigga
    I stole 21 dollas from my moms pants and ran over her plants
    when I stole the car
    im 50 cent
    plus a pimp with some shrimp and dimp primp check out my limp homie
    you are fonie my name is tony ill slap your girlfriend with a peace of bologna
    im horny for my girlfriend
    what do you got a problem cuz I got a gun I kill for fun light u up like the sun or eat you like a honey bun
    ye ye 50 cent jr comin at you watch out niggas

  13. LilyMarley25 says:

    luv luv

  14. no money was involved it was an open mic night…thanx man, that shit felt good!

  15. I used this beat for a performance and ROCKED THE FUCKING HOUSE! Thanx!

  16. hey i am an up coming rapper who makes very intersteading music that touch people and funny songs. just tell my life and spitting whats real while having fun doing it. working hard and they say keep up the good work i will be known. people say i remind them of a 2pac 50 biggie eminem drake meek mill reed dollaz cyssero the game and kendrick someone who has meaningful rap songs please if you can give me a chance thats all i ever want in this game is just to be heard thanks you

  17. My favorite

  18. nakishathomas4678 says:

    Awesomest stuff you csn hear

  19. nice

  20. /watch?v=RJG_fjdn7eY

  21. I sing rap and love to sing, but I can not find good music … and I want to help ÇŃĚćßă

  22. HaMaD506Tmimi says:

    and you’re awesome :D



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