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Celebrities at the Red Carpet of ”Colors Golden Petal Awards 2013”

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Bollywood…..the city of dreams is now at your touch! ‘Bollywood Royal’ is here to mesmerize you with all the news in and around B-town as well as the Telev…

Watch the 2013 Met Gala Red Carpet Live - from Vogue

While the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka the Met Gala) remains the hottest, most elusive, most impossible-to-attain tic…
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  1. Sahithi Gadwal says:

    drashti looks stunning.

  2. Bollywood Royal says:
  3. Francis Streightiff says:

    Jackoffs running out of ideas. Not a single poser here has any idea what
    punk is. Its not a fashion statement. If any of these morons went to as
    hardcore show they’d get destroyed.

  4. Elle and Dakota Fanning!!!! xD they looked incredible.


    lol @ the interviews so painful to watch haha

  6. I’m sure everyone did

  7. I can’t believe that stupid ignorant bitch thought Baz Luhrmann was

  8. Alexandra Oliveira says:

    i just loved to watch kristen mcmenamy at 1:01. she smashed whatever that
    annoying interviewer was trying to do. her mask fall off for sure…
    ahahahaha great stance.

  9. Alexandra Oliveira says:

    are these 2 doing it on purpose??? it must be… they are so bad with the

  10. William Patrick says:

    At 6:06 Hilary says “who” she doesn’t know who that girl is …

  11. The Glitterati says:

    Did you miss it? Were you there? Watch the red carpet video…

  12. Adoles Magazine says:

    the 2013 Met Gala Red Carpet FULL !!!

  13. LittleMissItneg says:

    Very very rude too.

  14. TEANIQTRÉ DEUXdress says:


  15. omg billlly, you are so bad at interviewing!!

  16. seriously, HIRE ME. I have no knowledge of fashion but could carry on more
    eloquent conversation than these interviewers. Put someone who has no
    knowledge of fashion in the spot – and natural conversation will take over!

  17. Anybody else fast forwarded this shit?

  18. chrisbrazy10 says:

    Did they just grab this bald guy from the street & told him “here go
    interview celebrities” he sucks!

  19. This felt more real than E! which seems robotic ~ I was happy to watch this
    as it was going on , also very happy they posted this on YouTube

  20. Jinyoung Kim says:

    Hey @Beautynewzflash, please try again you literally tried playing it the
    very first minutes of it being active on Youtube.

  21. fung csmfung says:

    What Billy Norwich did to Vivienne Westwood was just disrespectful, really
    rude. Vivienne was the giant of that night, in fact, she is the queen of
    punk, so couldn’t he just treat her with greatest respect and let her
    finish saying her words? How long would it take for her to say one more
    thing? I understand there was a planned interview agenda but I believe it
    could be a bit more flexible.

  22. Rubbish interviewers – where on earth did you find them and who the hell
    are they (i’m from the uk, sorry if there famous in America I don’t know
    who they are :/ ) There was a sincereness that was missing, like when she
    ignored/did not know Mary Katrantzou and the fact that they cut off
    Vivienne Westwood is shameful. Less then 1 minute with a women who was so
    influential about Punk. These red carpets can be boring but Oscar/Golden
    Globe red carpets they are done well. Please do better next time

  23. Please keep “red carpets” for E!

  24. How did psy get into the gala!?

  25. onlyoneofme7 says:

    So rude! The nerve! 38:36

  26. She’s a bad hostess… What a stupid question… Have u ever had a PUNK
    face?! What a question…

  27. both the host with stupid attitude, and I thought the camera man suppose to
    zoom further when the host ask the celebrities who they are wearing….but
    it was just the upper body and most disappointed with the stupid Billy when
    interviewing Vivienne Westwood…They are just fucked up..