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CAN YOU DO THIS??!!! Learn FOUR Amazing Football Matchplay Skills!! Tutorial – Part 1

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CAN YOU DO THIS??!!! Learn FOUR Amazing Football Matchplay Skills!! Tutorial - Part 1

Please Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/f2freestylers In this video Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch (The F2 Freestylers) show you 4 new Football Skills…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

NLR Football. A Nike National Elite Team.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Marshall Matthers says:

    already know these tricks

  2. Simon U. Husdal says:


  3. Tom Andersen says:

    This is skill done by Maradona , C. Ronaldo , and several more players in real soccer .

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  5. marcell foldi says:

    These are freestyle tricks, they never say that they would work in a real match. 😀

  6. i can do the mesmomeg now i can get the chapisons balll

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  8. fabian bertel says:

    the camarographer moves the camera too much! GOD make and looks bad the skill… (((advice)))

  9. fabian bertel says:

    awesome skill tricks… but an advice…. avoid the camera moment its hard to see… make it fluent!

  10. HDFUTBOLBOYS says:

    I can do the 3rd easy! The rest i’m working on…

  11. bennard ebuka says:

    i still u are amazing remeo i alwas follow you up,ande i just wished i can have some one like you to be my coach

  12. Andres Sanchez says:

    What the song name?

  13. Song name?

  14. So Amazing o_O

  15. Too hard for a real nigga.

  16. emopokemon24 says:

    Im astonished at this

  17. OpTiC fIbRe says:

    yes it does

  18. When i first saw the title: Can you do this!!! I was like tssss i bet i can, so i clickd on it. And then when i saw it was you two guys i was like siike

  19. thanks guys i can do it and i am only 12 years old that really helped me so much

  20. ivedrivenAudi says:

    you stink and you’re a quitter

  21. Hans Brutzler says:


  22. owesome!


    que grandes estos patas !! saludos de PERÙ

  24. jay -tee Thomas says:

    that shit clean

  25. Mike Stafford says:

    whoo hoo

  26. Great work Jay! Go Wildcats!

  27. Jason Dorsey says:

    Awesome! Let’s go Wildcats!