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Breaking News_Bangla tv News 14 august 2013 Night News_রাতের খবর

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Etv bangla today ‘s Bangla tv news 14 august 2013 LIVE BANGLA TV NEWS http://WWW.MDNEWSMEDIA.COM ajker bangla tv news Todays Night tv News bangladesh time 9 …

GET RIGHT WITH GOD http://truthseekerblog.blogspot.com/2… DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly http://www.truthseekerblog.blogspot.c… A true hero and…
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  1. wdberkheimer says:

    what a nerdy little fagit

  2. Old news, he just confirmed what I knew YEARS ago.

  3. They’re not just gonna stand by and allow us to overthrow them. They’ll do everything in their power to maintain their tyranny. Don’t expect them to lay down, they’ll fight back and we’ll get massive civil unrest, with military occupation.

  4. agreed

  5. Trex Charles says:

    This is it folks , the beginning of the end of the shadow government , time to bring it down !

  6. I disagree. No matter what it is said, how and I mean ..what would be the other way governments would have to catch terrorists or any other evil action against our country??? We are at war!!!! A constant war!!! Other countries are watching their citizens as well!! God knows how many attacks were averted by this surveilance!! This is how I think. Im not pro government but I am in favor of them watching our assess “reasonably”. Big brother is here to stay!! Spionage is something we have to live wi

  7. thank you..the man has integrity …love all namaste


  9. Jat watson says:

    so theses are the final years to coming awesome didnt think i would live in but i am ready to fight or die for my freedom anyone else who is not SCARE or FEARFUL.I AM A WARRIOR

  10. Jat watson says:

    sounds like everyone is watching everyone so the FBI would screw over DHS and TSA can go ham on President.SONY hacking MICROSOFT.I LOVE IT LOL.CIA vs Supreme Court.LETS GET EVERYTHING OUT in the open.DAMN shit is getting interesting again.

  11. Wow, did he just save his soul?